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2001-04-15 23:31:39 (UTC)

Changing Jobs... After me & Shane hookup

After me and Shane decided to date, I figured it was
completely unprofessional for me to continue working as his
partner. It was fun, but to much of a distraction in
police work... So I quit my job there relatively fast
(looking back no it was too fast)... I went unemployed a
couple weeks. I finally picked up a fill in job at Hecht's
Department store as a Loss Prevention Agent. It was an okay
job, but after the manager of Loss Prevention screwed with
my schedule and kept trying to play power trip games, I had
enough and moved on. This time I found a better job before
quitting ..much better Idea! I went to work for FEMA
(Federal Emergency Management Agency) for the hurricane
relief of Hurricane Floyd and Irene that struck our
community and outlying areas. I really enjoyed what I did.
I worked with individuals who were affected by the storms
and had serious damage to their homes. The program I
worked with determined how much money we could assist
victims with rebuilding their lives after such
destruction. I only worked there for 3 months before
getting a call from the Police Department I'm with now. It
took 10 months for them to finally get me throught he
process. That was due to some political BS where there was
a change in the Chief position. It was entirely too long of
a wait for this job. Anyways, when I got the job here I
had to move an hour and 15 minutes away from Shane. He had
told me that he would move up here too, but didn't. I was
really worried about me and him and whether we'd be able to
make it. We'd see each other on weekends or days when I was
off. He would come up and surprise me late at night after
he got off work. He would drive all the way up here to see
me. He would even bring "Bosco" his rott with him. I was
living in a small one story apartment at the time. I liked
it though. IT had exposed brick and was full of sunlight
during the day. Anyways... May 2000 I decided to move back
to Williamsburg, VA so me and Shane could move in together.
It was a choice I would later wonder if I should have not
made. He still commuted to Tidewater and I commuted to
Richmond on a daily basis. It's put one hell of a strain on
my Explorer! I have 110,000 miles on it now!! I've been at
this job for over 17 months now and I'm literally going
stir crazy. I'm bored with it and honestly most days hate