My Diary
2002-01-16 00:40:45 (UTC)

Help! What Does This Implie?!?!

Hey, So today is Tuesday! And I gotta find a desent
boyfriend b/c I'm freaking tired of all these jerky, cocky
boyfriends.... Alot of people just tell me to keep looking
and I'll find someone... but right now I dont think thats
possible..... I've had kinda a bad week and everyones
getting upset cause I'm not acting like myself, (wacky and
stupid) and they think I'm mad at them and Its kinda
getting to me cause I cant help it right now!! I'm really
confused!! I mean I wanna act like me but its just not
working!!! Maybe in a couple of days things will blow over
and I'll be hyper again!! Well got 2 jet...
Worried Blondie