What's up now?
2002-01-16 00:40:22 (UTC)


Okay so not you, and that comment is not directed AT
anyone...but it's tuesday and I guess I should warn
everyone right now, that I will probably be crabby, bitchy
and just pretty unpleasant on Tuesdays...See I get up at
7:45 to go work out a the sac, which I have to mention a
quick side note, this morning as I'm trying to work out(and
wake up) I am forced to listen to these stupid girls
(sorority girls) talk about stupid stuff...I swear they
talked about their houses for like 15 min, about how great
theirs was and how much others sucked, then this one girl
proceeded to tell the other girl that she forgot how hot
her BF was, until her friend reminded her...I just wanted
to excercise in peace, but no...anyways then I come home to
study while I eat some breakfast, then shower and I'm off
to class, I come home work then I'm off to class again(as
you can see I dont get to eat) then I keep on going to
class until 7:30...and I get to come home for like 1/2 an
hr, then I'm off to program board from 8-9ish, and then
after a long hellish day I get to come home, exceot for
today, becuase I have a desk meeting at 10...pretty much
sucks dont ya think? yeah but I guess for the most part,
my day WOULD be over at 7:30 if it were a normal
tuesday...And as you cxan see I dont get to eat dinner
until I get home from class!!! That doesnt make me happy,
however today I snuck in a 15 min dinner which consisted of
a salad and water...oh delicous! hehe...yeah so I dont
really have anything good to tell you, except that I talk
to brian, that was definitly a pick me up, he made me
laugh :) I love you baby!!! Anyways I'm off to continue
my night...wish me luck, then I'll be off to the library
most likely to study my little booty off...