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Emo Violence
2002-01-16 00:27:38 (UTC)

ya know that commercial....

"this is your brain *holds up egg*"....

..."this is your brain on Teen Magazine *smashes egg at the

..."this is your brain on YM *throws egg to the ground*"

..."this is your brain on Cosmo Girl *steps on egg*"

..."this is your brain on Seventeen *crushes egg in hand*"

so yeah, if i ever had any interest in taking tv tech, that
would be my commercial.

haha YM's most popular articles...
"10 ways to finance Plastic Surgery"

"NO CHEST?? NO PROBLEM!! ... Padded Bras for under $30"

"How to use Makeup to get boys to notice You!"

if only teen magazines taught you somthing useful....
HAHAHHAHAHHA *chuckle subsides* (oh wait...) HAHHAHAHAHHA.