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2002-01-16 00:06:02 (UTC)

you say things are simple?

speeddemonHO302= fred aka ex boyfriend
serenitysword= me

speeddemonHO302: i thought u and tiffany were good friends
serenitysword: uhm, no
serenitysword: we havent been fro a real long time
speeddemonHO302: what happened?
serenitysword: you, then brian, then billy
serenitysword: i never got to talk to her, billy wouldnt
let me
serenitysword: so i was like fine i dont care
serenitysword: she chose him over me and i dont talk to her
speeddemonHO302: i could talk to her
serenitysword: dont
serenitysword: i dont want to be her friend
speeddemonHO302: why me
speeddemonHO302: oh ok
serenitysword: you helped her stab me in the back
serenitysword: then she did it again
serenitysword: then again
serenitysword: then again with heather and kelly
speeddemonHO302: how did i help her
serenitysword: jeeze your slow
speeddemonHO302: how?
serenitysword: no i dont really care now, but the day i
found out you were with tiff was the day i was going to ask
you to take me back
serenitysword: not*
serenitysword: wait yeah i was right the first time
serenitysword: lol
speeddemonHO302: oh great
serenitysword: lol
speeddemonHO302: r u being serious?
serenitysword: yup
serenitysword: dead serious
speeddemonHO302: ur kidding me?
serenitysword: she knew it too
serenitysword: why would i kid about that?
speeddemonHO302: so i really fucked up then
serenitysword: not to be mean, but yeah
speeddemonHO302: i'm a dumbass
serenitysword: and then when she told me you cheated on me,
that was the icing on the cake
serenitysword: nawh
serenitysword: its better this way
speeddemonHO302: how did i cheat on you
speeddemonHO302: ?
serenitysword: you said you did
serenitysword: some chick in daytona
speeddemonHO302: oh that was a friend with benifits
serenitysword: thats cheating :-)
speeddemonHO302: no its not
serenitysword: lol whatever you say i dont really care now
serenitysword: its over with, im over it, and i have a
great guy now
serenitysword: ive been with him a year next month
speeddemonHO302: thats good i didnt want you to cry about us
serenitysword: lol
speeddemonHO302: the only thing i wanted to know was the
truth to begin with
serenitysword: yeah
serenitysword: brb
speeddemonHO302: i g2g so ill ttyl
speeddemonHO302: bye
serenitysword: okay laters

The brb was because Clark called... he sounded kinda
funky... but uhm, he asked me how everything was and of
course i said good and he talked a little about ian and how
hes not going to go back to Calvary... he said let your yes
be yes and no be no, i didnt ask him to expand on that
issue, and to invite us to like, a little bonfire on Feb

I dont know if i can do that.

Anyways, matt, dont get jealous, he has no chance, I love
you angel.

Marie, huggles, I love you too!


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