mark my words
2002-01-15 23:56:56 (UTC)

i got a new piercing...

My latest? Nipple.
All I gotta say is, OUCH! Out of all the piercings I've
ever gotten (three cartilage, six ear lobes, belly button,
tongue) of course it was the most painful. It didn't hurt
at all to get it done- I was more traumatized when I looked
down and saw the needle protruding from my boob. Yuck, not
a fun sight to behold, at ALL. I started singing, "I gotta
needle in my nipple, I got a needle in my nipple..." The
five people watching were like, "Uhhh.." Lindsay held my
left hand, KC my right. Also I have flashed MANY people.
Now like EVERY one of my friends have seen my boobs, plus a
couple random guys. Including Sonny. I hope Jen doesn't
kill me for showing her boyfriend my tits...
Oh, and KC got her tongue pierced. We've been planning
this for a looong time and I held her hand for that. She
was screaming hysterically, and kept trying to pull her
tongue back in. The guy was like, "Uhh.."
But yeah, I decided that it looked really trashy, and I
took it out. Then like 20 minutes later I was like "Might
as well see how it heals!" and put it right back in.
That's all for today.