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2001-04-15 23:14:34 (UTC)

The Adair & Shane Story- The Story of Us

Well I met Shane when I began working a police officer. I
eventually joined the bike team on which he was a member
of. We ended up being partners. I was not sure what he
would think of having a female for a partner since most men
are pretty torn up over it, but he ended up being so nice
to be around. We really did not know each other all that
well besides the general chit chat while at work. He was
moving out of his house and needed help packing up some
things. He had mentioned packing and moving in passing and
I asked him if he needed any help. He told me that he would
love for me to come over. He gave me directions and the
next Saturday I was on my way to his house. Strangely I
found myself nervous, even though the thought of having any
feelings for this man had not even crossed my mind. When I
got there he met me at the door with a smile. I think we
were both nervous. He had a beautiful dog named "Bosco", a
rottweiler, and kitty cat named "Cinnamon". I too had a
cat named Cinnamon that ended up being part of the divorce
decree and my mother took "custody" of her. We sat around
and joked around for a while and then packed a little bit.
That was the start of a future together. We started
hanging out more and more. We flirted a little more and I
ended up stopping by his house one evening to hang out and
have a few beers. Well never mix flirtatousness with
alcohol ladies and gentleman. It's not a good idea. We
flirted nothing harmless. I wanted to kiss him so badly,
but I was so nervous so I didn't. WE ran out of beer and
went to bed. He slept on the couch in the den and I slept
in his room in the bed. The next day we hung out some more
and right before he had to leave for work I was standing
across from him and just went over and kissed him. Boy did
sparks fly. We continued to talk and then on July 1, 1999
he ask me if I wanted to go to a cookout with him. We went
and had a fabulous time together. I'll never forget
the "goggle" incident. He had drank a few beers and was
playing around. A bunch of little kids had ben playing in
the pool at the cook out and one of them had left their
yellow swimming goggles on the picnic table where we were
sitting. Shane picked them up and put them on and kept
saying "come here baby give me a kiss" it was so
hilarious!! I laughed so hard. We still look back on that
day and laugh. Anyways. We started dating and almost 2
years later we're still together..Keep reading for some
pretty dramatic stories alone our timeline together.