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2002-01-15 23:51:05 (UTC)

I think I'm a little jealous!

Yesterday, Laura was supposed to pick up Daniel from
our house last night around 10:00, and she actually didn't
get over there until about 11:00. She said she had been
talking with a girl from her math class after class for a
long time after class was over, and she kept talking about
how nice the conversation was and how cool it was to talk
to someone you just met for so long and blah blah blah, and
she seemed all happy and excited. It really made me
jealous. To make things worse, Ryan and I know the girl she
was bonding with, her name is Murelle, and she was one of
Ryan's best friends in high school (they were in art
together). We all hung out a few times actually. She's
pretty, in a plain sort of way, which is what I think is
Laura's type, and I know I'll be really sad if Laura
develops a crush on her. I know it's not really my place to
get jealous about this, it just makes me sad that she made
a new friend that she really likes who just happens to be
her type. I just wish she could have a crush on me like I
have on her, so it'll piss me off if she gets a crush on
Murelle. I really hope she won't. I don't even know if
Murelle is bi or a lesbian, but it doesn't really matter
either way. Laura wouldn't act on her impulses if Murelle
was straight, but she can still feel things either way.
Just the thought of Laura thinking about her makes me
really jealous. And now I know they're going to have class
together every Monday night. Monday is Daniel's day off of
school, so he usually hangs out with us around 6:00, and
then Laura comes over around 10:00, or even earlier
sometimes, and we all hang out. What if she starts coming
over later and later and leaving sooner and sooner, I'll
never see her! The weekend better still be ours :(

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