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2001-04-15 23:14:01 (UTC)


HaPpY eAstEr! N E WAyZ, i WEnT to ChURCh EaRly And SeT uP
For EAstEr....BefORe SerVicE, My BiG SiSTEr And I WEnT to
The Deli TO GET guM anD CAnDY And STUFf...AFtEr SerViCe, WE
cAmE to My HouSE TO CHill...I cAllEd KEvin, WhoZ My
BEstFriEnd/BoyFriend BUt HE WuzNt HOme...
WE hAddA go BAcK to ChuRch TO EAt, But Wen We GOt
THEre...The AdulT SerViCE wuZnT DuN...So The Lil Kids And
MAh BiG SIster (HelEn) WEnT to The PArk...I sTAyEd TherE
CUZ I diDNT WAnnA Go TO A pArk...pLuS, I DidNT WAnnA Go TO
thE pARk Cuz I WAnteD tO Go HomE tO CAll kEvin aGAin...:)
Ate AloT oF FrIgGin FooD AT ChurCh...iT wuz likE A FriGgin
BuFfeT For CryIn ouT louD...I mean..It Wuz PaCKeD W/ FOoD...
AftEr EAtiNG, thE AdulTs HAd THis HuGe MeeTing...SO thEy
tolD uS to Go BAck TO the PaRk....I hAd TO Go ThiS TIme ANd
TakE CaRe of The KidS....
By thE TImE we Got BaK to ChurCh, The AdultS WereNt
DuN...this iS WheN i Got PiSsED oFf...i WAnteD to Go HomE,
CAll KeVin, ChiLl, And SlEep...But i hAd No FriGgin RidE
HOme NOW...
MoM NEW I wanTeD to Go HomE...SO She TOoK All thE lil KidS
and ME (NoT mAh SiSTer..haha) ANd TOoK US To MAh
HouSe....ThATS WEn I CALlEd KEvIN...After thE 9th RiNg,
RIte Wen i WuZ GonnA hAng Up, HE AnsERED thE Fone...Rite
WEn He AnSWErEd, My SisTer CAmE in...SO I hAd TO Use thE
fonE uPstaIrS...sinCe i wAnted sum FRiGgIN PRIVaCy WEn
TalkINg TO MAh BoyFriEnd...
whEN i tAlkEd TO kEVIn, iT WUz liKe he haD nO aIR...tHEN
KevIN tolD me That He WenT oUTsIDE to SkaTeboaRd anD Wuz
GonnA CaLl mE Wen he gOT in...But I CallEd first :) buT,
thE BAd PARt Wuz THat He acCidEnTly FeLl oFf ANd ScRApEd
hiS ARm oR suMthiNG anD thaTs Y He cAmE IN... :(
We TalkEd FOr At leasT An Hour...BuT ThEn mom cAMe HOme...
ThE CatCh IS...My Mom DuznT NO dAt ME ANd kEvin Are goinG
oUT ... So I hadDA gET oFf the FOne CuZ mOm hAteS iT Wen
i'M on THe FOne TOo Long, esPeCiAlly w/ Guys...I tOld hIm
to Either WaIT fOR me Online oR I Wuz GoNNa cAll HIm
I Did cAll LAterz CuZ i CooDnT Use THe CoMP foR
aWHilE...After MOm And DaD LefT To Go SomEplAcE foR anoTHer
MeeTiNg (ArGh! AduLTs ARe So fRiggIN WEiRD!) ANd keVIn TOlD
mE thaT HiS bRo Came and They Were goNna ChiLl...SO HE toLD
me tO cAll TomoRroW cuZ ItS gonnA bE SpRInG BreAk....
So, ThatS y I'M herE...I SHoulD b cAlliNG Kevin And TalkIng
TO hIm...But I'm NoT...SO I juSs JoinEd cuZ mY oTher
inTernET DiAry Got SkreWeD up aNd I doNT wANnA copY
DiaRyLanD.Com LikE mAh siSTEr...SO I wenT to
MEtAcrAwleR.Com And seArCheD foR fRee DiARy ANd ThiS wUz
UndERneETh DiAryLAnd....SO I CliCkeD, joINed, And staRteD
to RITe...I'lL pRObABlY wRItE alOt MOrE thEsE dAYs...
itS THaT tIMe OF MONth, i'M gONNa bE A BiG bTcH...sO tHERes
gONna Be alOt OF tHINGs tHAT iMa rITE abOUT...