The Eye of the Storm
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2002-01-15 23:23:01 (UTC)


I absolutely hate it when someone talks shit to another
person about someone that they have no idea is related or
is good friends with the person they are talking shit
about. can someone be so pathetic as that? i am here to
tell you my friends.. it has been done.. the person of this
stupid nature would be none other then Jeff Draggoto. yes
sir that would be him.. such a loving friend yes? of
course.. well in that situation my cousin and my friend
came to me asking if it was true which of course wasnt, he
exaggerates constantly and if he told the truth it was
prolly a slip up. id list the lies but i'll save that for
later. one day when im completely bored which, mind you,
could be later today you just dont know. alrighty then, i
shall return.