Evil Elvis
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2002-01-15 22:38:54 (UTC)


and other useless crap that floats around on the internet
that supposedly improves your quality of life....much like
this diary...

Tuesday today and things in the Elvis household are happy
and joyous.

Finally my car is running right again after being as
sluggish as an old women on mogadon since before
xmas....turns out the fuel injection system was
fucked....like I even knew it was fuel injected!

Saw Cave In last night, and all I can really say is *thunk*
(the sound of my jaw hitting the floor!!) I'd been waiting
for this gig for months, since the first time I heard
Jupiter...if anyone actually reads this, please do yourself
a favour and check this band out!!! I will personally
refund you if you're not amazed!

What else is going on then....erm, new boss started on
Monday..still unsure of her, as I'm sure she is of us.
She's pretty quiet, something my other boss could never be
accused of being...time will tell how it goes, at least it
might offer a clean slate and a chance to impress on my own
terms without the bullshit that is expected of me

Mr Joe is coming up on Thursday-w0000t!!!! Can't wait to
see him again (I know you're reading Mr Roberts, and yes I
am arse-licking!!) Hopefully we'll get some time to chat
about stuff, I reckon he could benefit from some Elvis
loving (and no ladies, not the physical type, I save that
all for my left hand...I mean you lot!!)

Also, had a very embarrassign conversation with maz the
other day...somehow I have a knack of turning a
conversation about pringles into something for more
sinister and suggestive....just a gift I guess ;) She's
really great, I have such a good time talking to her, she
just makes me feel......special. Awwwwww!! No chickens are
being counted...noooooo, but we get on well, have a laugh
and stuff so it's all good (god I hate that phrase..)

Ah well, not a bad week as things stand!