Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-15 22:37:40 (UTC)

Prince of Whales Tea

Today was uneventful and a bit boring. But I'm sure I can
babble for a while anyway. This morning I wake up late,
with a sinus headache, and my voice is all squeaky and
crap. I take, 2 extra strength Advils, cough medicine,
vitamins, and some huge green pill that supposed to help
with sinus congestion, all with my English muffin for
breakfast. Dad's grumps at me cause I'm running late. I
finally get to school, its 7 degrees outside so I spend all
of fifth block unthawing. I succeeded in designing my 3-D
calendar for Engineering. Cleaned out my home drive.
Spent Academy trying to sell over priced tickets to a
dessert theater for my mission trip fundraiser thingy. 6th
block, we're still watching Star Wars, they are in the
middle of the battle of Yavin, and Luke finally gotten his
little Red 5 ass into the 'Death Star trench'... So, its
all good there. Lunch: *growls* Just me and Becky,
toothpick boy decided not to show, so that was nice. My
fingers got run over by this over zealous guy while we
played scooter-basket ball today in PE. That hurt, and
have a nice red line across my knuckles still. Finally,
I'm not late to English, so I avoided getting a detention
for another day! Whew! And we didn't talk about homo-
erotica poetry today so that made it a little less
interesting. But I do get to write a poem on the "Sounds
of Air Academy High," so that'll be really lame. When I
finally made it back to the sanctuary of my house, I got
the mail, because I'm still expecting my Racer X calendar,
which I think isn't coming at this point. And I didn't get
anything, no one loves me, except my Valentine in
Alabama!!! Awwwww! XXOO!
I'm so not looking forward to school tomorrow. The only
good thing is there is a cute and very smart guy in my
Algebra II group, its to bad he's a sophomore. Oh well,
guys aren't exactly my forte anyway. Speaking of which, it
really annoys me when couples are like constantly attached
to one another. I mean jeez! I know its not easy to walk
like that. And all those people that are constantly
sucking face, among other things, need to cut back a bit.
All that oxygen depression is starting to affect their
On a happy note, heh, no N'Sync in Star Wars! Yeah! Lucas
cut it out of the final film, cause of all the hate mail!
Woooohooo! Well, at least that's what I'm told, by my
sources. *sings Keep on Breathing, by Downset* I know I
can't sing, but that's why I sing only in the privacy of my
house, and never in public. Robbie Merrill, from Godsmack
does an advertisement for KTM! That's cool, I knew
Godsmack liked motorcycles, but awe, that's just cool! I'm
sad, very sad... I wonder where the band came up with the
name, Full Devil Jackets. Its very creative and unique and
they're cool, so whatever works for them. Oh! Another
random thought! It's sooo awesome that Supercross is going
to be broadcast live next year! Yup, that'll be the best,
now all they need to do is that for Superbike, and the
Outdoor Nationals too. Then I'd be completely set, but
since that won't happen... Well, I'm going to go take more
drugs, heh. And possibly take a nap, and put my sick sad
world on hold for a few hours.

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