One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-15 22:58:23 (UTC)


Oh my fucking god....ONE AFTER know that my
mother found the straws that i used to snort pills
with....well, THEN she found a bottle of Goldschlager in my
closet along with about 10 beer cans, condoms...and
more...she went upstairs in the attic and found 5 empty
bottles of alcohol about 30 empty beer cans and bowls (to
smoke weed out of) galor...she found so much shit, and when
i came to the house this morning (easter morning), it was
all out on my table in my room...she didnt know we were
stopping by before i went to my we found it
before she was prepared....i walked in my room..turned
around and went right back out the front door and
said "happy easter"......and was bad....i went
to my aunts...and just as i thought..they all got drunk and
asked me questions about why i'm so fucked up....maybe not
in those words..but you catch my sister jessica
came down and we just sat there and made fun of our whole
family and how fucked up everyone was....i dunno, that was
the only good part of the dad
brought us home to my mother awhile ago and i sat down and
came up with a bullshit story about where it all came from,
half of it was stolen FROM i dunno....shes ok
about it now....i'm going out with mike and everyone a
little later..prolly get friend nick that
i was telling you about got out of lock up....hes back to
his usual self, smokin and chillin with us....oh well....
life sux, then you die...
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hate always,

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