Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2002-01-15 22:17:22 (UTC)

January 15, 2002: I am not a bitch!!

Okay, I just keep trying to tell myself to breathe. Now,
I'm a very nice person and all. So when someone calls me a
bitch, I take that to heart. I really don't like being
called that and it's just so *Augggghhhh!!* If you're a
little confused that's understandable. Okay on the bus
home, this one guy in my grade said, "Shut up bitch!" when
I was talking to a friend. Now that is just not cool. So
anywho, I well...bitched the guy out.

It's just has been a really annoying week. I have 3 finals
tomorrow and I have to study for two of them still!
Everything with boys is still just givin' me a headache.
I'm so confused. I really should just stop typing, get over
it, and study.

G2G. Write back soon.