The jerk files
2002-01-15 21:56:37 (UTC)

Studio life....

Well, right now it's Tuesday, January 15th 2001. But
first let me tell you a bit about lastnight. We finally
went into the studio to start recording our cd. Well, we
were all rookies to this game and went in excited and (all
for exept me) nervous. Well, we thought we were just going
to do one song but we ended up doing 6 songs. We were
tired. We didn't get home until 1 in the morning. (we went
in at 7) Something that i thought was cool was, when Chris,
(the guy who owns the studio) was talking all the studio
lingo, i understood what he meant. I think that noone else
did. (Tyrone ,our drummer, was in a sound proof room but i
think he would have known.) Well, i am too tired to tell
you more about it so i am out right now.