I Debbie...
2001-04-15 22:43:19 (UTC)

Melancholy Land

I feel kind-of unfullfilled. Dinner was great if I do say so
myself. I made homemade bread,deviled eggs,herbed pork
roast, breaded broccoli,delmonacco potatoes,and corn on the
cob. I mean to say I cooked my ass off. But the dinner took
so long to make and it was eaten within a half an hour. It
would have been so much more worthwhile if someone else had
been here to enjoy it with us. Not even his parents,although
they haven't bothered to call us yet, or they found that
Brian was on the computer. And yasterday was a big bust. By
the time I got over there Donna was on her way to being
trashed. We didn't openup presents until 3:20 and I couldn't
help but think...for this I called in sick? I mean I could
have just gone over after work. It wouldn't have been so bad
but Donna passed out after dinner,about 7 and me and Gary
sat up watching movies. Then by the time I found Brian
....the man who heard me say I would call at 7:30 to see
where we stood on the picking me up was close to
10:00. I told him to come on and get me. Donna by this time
had come back to life but as I didn't know for how long I
left. I mean I could have stayed but I didn't feel like my
presence was necessary. Not to mention I think Gary wanted
to have sex,whether or not he got any is a whole different
story. Anyway, my first day at my new job is tomorrow and I
am excited. I think. I just sit here at 5pm and quite
frankly am really bored. Actually it is 5:30. Brian is about
to fall asleep in front of the TV,after getting up about
10:30 and being at the computer from that point. Hard
Do I wish we had gone to Wendy's ...not that we were, not really. I think Vicki is right. It was a bit
of a control issue. If the plan wasn't followed they didn't
want to play by any other rules. I mean Easter really isn't
that much of a holiday. I think if yesterday wasn't such a
collosal waste of time,I wouldn't be so bummed now. And I
can't even call anyone long distance b/c it hasn't been
turned back on yet. Do I sound pathetic, or what? Have to
get off of this ride...I Debbie