~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
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2001-04-15 22:12:41 (UTC)


1. I want to be happy with myself. This includes looking
and feeling healthy, Bcuz thats the way i want to feel, and
being with people i truly like being around, not just
people who are there.

2. I want a boyfriend. When I look in the mirror, I see
myself, and I know that I am pretty. I can see it, and so
could spencer, at one time or another, and more people will
too. but i want a boyfriend who really like me, and who
will take good care of me, and be willing to have a mature,
responsible relationship.

3. I want a job.

4. I want to be happy.

~***I am power***~
~*Even if I feel like a piece of shit*~

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