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2002-01-15 21:38:21 (UTC)

It's all downhill from here

Thanks to my older sister Aaron is no longer allowed in my
house. The other day Aaron kicked the bathroom door open
because it had gotten locked and closed. So my sister and
her boyfriend (or should I say ex) soon to be I have heard.
But they aren't getting along and Jennifer got really
jealous because of how close Aaron and I have gotten. I
finally had the courage to tell him "the story". And
everything has been pretty good. But Jennifer came home
all mad and she kicked the door except she took the frame
and the door down. She broke it more with the hammer. So
she went and told my stepdad it was All Aaron and well all
he did was loosen the frame out of the wall. So as of right
now. He's not allowed over here until he talks with my
stepdad. Unfortunately, Aaron is beginning to feel the
freedom of being 18 and doesn't want to be sat down and
talked to like a 10 year old. Guys are so stubborn
sometimes. One of them better budge because in a month I
have a ski trip planned with Aaron , me, my stepdad, mom
and younger sister. Aaron doesn't want to go and if he's
not going I'm not going but the reservations are set. And
it's for my birthday which just makes the situatuion worse.
That and Aaron and Jennifer are responsible for replacing
the frame and whatever else needs to be fixed on the door.
And Aaron refuses to.
Should I pay for Aaron's half?
I'm in the blame too.
WHat should I do? Is it my fault?

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