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2001-04-15 22:00:09 (UTC)

Liana SHIT

Liana expects my complete attention, to work out all her
shit, which is mingled in with mine. so to help her, i have
to rational, mature, calm, clear headed, and a good friend.
that is absolutely impossible at this time. no way no how.
but since i dont, she thinks i hate her, and she WILL NOT
under any circumstances work out HER shit, nope. I am
always wrong in her eyes, and she is ALWAYS right. she
will not compromise, and everyone thinks she is so perfect,
but they dont know her like i do. i know she is a GREAT
friend, but she, like EVERYONE else has manymanymanymany
flaws and is not perfect, though sometimes she may think
so...but dont tell her i said that, cuz last time i told
her she was wrong she dropped a big shit on my head, just
more for me to deal with. dont worry, i'll get to her l8r.
right now i need to help myself.

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