~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-04-15 21:54:31 (UTC)


right now I am crying. I dont know why, but i cant stop.
sorrythere is no punctuation or capitals and the spelling
is bad, but i am crying and i cant see the keyboard. i am
tired of life being messed up, i am so mad at spencer, that
i cant even remember why i was mad in the first place, and
i feel like there is no one to talk to in the whole world
who understands, becuase I cannot tell them what i feel
becuz im not sure myself. i just know that i am sad, and
depressed and i cant stop it, and i dont know why. i just
wnat to be happy agian, and never sad bcuz it feels so
terrible. why?????????? i only know that all this shit
flying around my head is making me miserable - ALL THE
TIME. I am trying to be a better person and a better
friend, but when all this other shit is going on, i have no
time, no patience, no effort to try and work on being a
better person myself, or being a better friend, or helping
my friends with their shit bcuz i cant take it! I just
explode, and then theres another load of shit flying around
my head, which makes even more that i cant comprehend. what
shit i have now is jade shit, spencer shit, liana shit, mom
shit, amanda shit, jessica shit, popular girls shit, sharon
shit, terry shit, dad shit, not to mention my own.
i guess i need to slowly sort everything out, one bit at a
time, and take all the shit that comes my way through the
sorting with only a grain of salt, so i can slowly organize
my file cabinet. did i mention that my neck hurts REALLY
bad, so bad, so bad, so bad, ALL day..........
oh ya, happy easter.