Mislead and Unknown

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2002-01-15 20:35:40 (UTC)

1 Wish (by my BBF)

If I had one wish,
I'd go back to the way things were,
where we didn't have to deal with this shit,
and for everything there was a cure.

No pains no cares,
was how we both used to live,
But that's the past,
and to bring it back, anything i would give.

To see you happy again,
To see that bright sparkle in your eye,
is now replaced by nothing,
and you feel you need to die.

The memories we have,
And the ones we planned to make,
Have to happen in our lifes,
or my soul will surely break.

I need you here with me,
to help me through so much,
Not hearing your laugh or voice,
Would be insane for the ppl you've touched.

-Thank you and i'm sorry Joy, for dragging you through all
this shit, i love ya!

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