a little piece of me
2002-01-15 20:32:15 (UTC)


today was the first day of my design class. i didn't
recognize anyone in there. i'm not sure whether that's
good or bad. a little of both, i think. that class should
be really interesting. one of our projects is to make a
functional chair out of cardboard. how cool is that?
plus, my design teacher is really cute (that's not quite
the right word, but it'll do for now). he's in his mid to
late thirties, and is asian. i'm gagga for a strong jaw
line, and he most certainly has that. it's going to be a
lot of work, but it will still be fun, i think.

other than that, nothing much has happened since last time
i wrote. i'm going home friday for a doctor's
appointment. i don't remember if i've written about this
or not, but if i have, too bad. i'm doing it again. i
feel like such as asshole. while brett was here, i started
getting depressed again. i know i was a real pain in the
ass. he suggested that i get help. now, he's not the
first, but it really made me think. i know things aren't
going to wind up anywhere with him, but if i'm going to be
in a serious and committed relationship somewhere down the
line, he's right. i do need help. it's totally unfair to
whomever might be sharing a space with me, because i can be
quite nasty when i'm depressed. a complete asshole. i
promise. so, as much as i hate to do it, i'm going to the
doc. he'll probably put me on some sort of medication,
which i'm not thrilled about in the least. therapy is a
bunch of bullshit, so i'm not even going to be bothered
with that. we'll see how it goes. just really sucks.
this was something i've been fighting for years upon years,
and i just wish i could have handled it on my own. i know
now that that just isn't possible. that's life, i guess.

anywho, i need to run a few errands. i don't wanna, but i
guess i gotta. take care.