Lyra Lux

The Exploits of Lyra Lux
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2002-01-15 20:09:39 (UTC)

October 3

Things are a little weird with Tis. For example, yesterday,
we went to the center with George. Tis was making fun of
him, and I told him not to because George is cool. He gave
me this look...It was very peculiar.
We went back to the co-ed and watched Dazed and Confused,
but i wasn't really watching. Zach Chesson and Alexandra
and me were playing poker. George wouldn't play. I thought
he was mad at me for something at first, but he seemed
really into the movie so i figured it didn't hafta do with
It was a great day. Lila and I bought a box a doughnuts and
we ate like 4 each. I see what George means, I would love
to sit on a couch eating doughnuts all day. I really want
to see this show they keep talking about, Family Guy. It
sounds really funny. Maybe I can go see it next dorm

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