If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-15 20:01:31 (UTC)

Am I Really Annoying?

School was okay today it was really quite funny...I annoyed
the crap out of my entire speech class...I was getting smart with
them...yeah thinking logically has quite an effect on preps in high
school...i thought it was dope but now my entire class but two people
and the teacher totally hate me so next red day should be
interesting...i just might do it again...
On another for Rolly and I...we talked about the
situation and worked things out so i've added him to my friend list
and hope for the best in our friendship...School is going well except
for the fact that i want to drop Sociology and Speech...i fall asleep
in mr. bonifers class everyday because when learning isnt fun i dont
learn and speech well i dont like being in a class that everyone
hates me because apparently i now have a reputation at NAHS and my
rep is being an ANNOYING BITCH as they said...i really don't care
about their opinions about what i have to think but wouldn't you feel
weird walking into a class and having everyone giving you dirty looks
and whispering things about you when you just started and its not so
easy to fit in here anyways...i dont know it kinda bothers me but im
not gonna sweat it...
Studies are going great and so far grades are good
really proud of myself...ive come a long way since i got here...i
mean come on i almost threw in the towel and went to california
because the stress level i was on i couldnt handle and now i have
twice as much stress yet im still here...i think its because i love
my mom too much...
on that matter...tomorrow my mom and i are going to look for
a house and i hope that all goes well...she found one thats a three
bedroom two bathroom and full basement so im keeping my fingers
crossed and praying like every twenty minutes...been thinking a lot
about my friends in vegas and my friends in cali...according to my ex
my friends down in cali are such tweekers that they started cooking
it themselves so that they have and endless supply and can smoke
whenever...i seen a pic of my best friend chris down there and well
lets just say he went from being 145 pounds to 100 pounds even in a
bout a month...thats makes me want to cry so bad because i
know whatever i say to him hes so addicted now it wont help...and the
worst part about it is THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME if i would have stayed friends in vegas are so caught up in keeping their
reputations clean for police reasons they arent talking to any of
their old friends anymore...once again RAY WAS RIGHT... Forgotten
just like that...i guess the saying is true...OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF
MIND... oh well their loss...i think im a great person and i might
not come off as one right away but if you actually take the time to
get to know me you'll find that im just a simple rose waiting to
bloom...a natural beauty because i believe in myself and i believe
that making myself happy is the only thing that matters in
life...that sounds conceited forgive me but you can never truly be
happy unless you're happy with i right? Everything
takes time and patience is a virtue... anyways i got
a ton of homework and i have to clean my room...i think every
piece of clothing and foot wear i own is on my floor...yeah it the way tonight is peanuts last night hoping i get
to say goodbye...if not he'll still be in my thoughts and prayers as
well as all of you...take care talk to u later
im out