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2002-01-15 19:39:09 (UTC)

High way to hell..........

January 15, 2002
12:32 p.m.

Ever notice how arrogent people have gotten. We literally
belive that the world revolves around us. Its amazing the
way we all go around demanding and forboding as if we were
the ones in charge. But then againg who is in charge? No
one person could really have total and complete control of
any thing can we. Or if we could what about faith? Does
faith exist?
I have come to terms with my self and have decided to
live life one day at a time. I hate to have things planned
out to the most intimate detail. Imagine going some where
and nowing every single little thing you were going to do
because you already have it all planned out. Its like
going to the store and saying at exactcly 8:15 pm I am
going into walmart and I am going to buy bread. You can't
go in and buy milk instead and it most definatly cannot be
8:16 pm. The world has gotten it self into this huge hurry
and now we don't know how to "stop and smell the roses."
If it was possible people would want to know even the exact
moment that they are going to die. Plan out event the
color of their face when they die. Now don't lie I know
you people exist. to those of you like that [email protected]

12:45 pm