cosmic ski slopes
2002-01-15 19:35:39 (UTC)

winding up... and the pitch!

i'm so wound up righ tnow, i'm after school trying to
finish a million and two applications (American U.
Emerson Art, and UNH and UMF) and everythgin's just
catching up with me... academics, love... lackthereof.
anyway, i have a meeting at th esuperintendents office
at 330 so i'm out of here soon and i've gotten barely
anything done that i needed to have done.... it's too
much, u know? just too much...
i miss keebler, he's so far away, physically and
emotionally and i know he's safe and i know i did the
right thing by everyone involved by lettin ghim go, by
telin gto forget me, and i know that i'm still torn by nick...
but i miss him either way.
and now i'm listenin gto dmband again and i miss
nick, i miss his arms around me, the warmth of him,
his smile...
-gabby *dream...*