The Daily Babble
2002-01-15 18:54:28 (UTC)

Good god!

Good lord its been a long time! I don't remember the last
time I wrote and too much has happened to remember...

Things with me and Jeff are going great...we're trying to
spend a lotta time together, we even took days off last
week to spend a day together.

Last Monday I got to see Christine...we went out for dinner
after I got out of work...we went to Applebees and got
Mucho Long Island Ice Teas...those were good. =) We spent
some time catching up and looking at bridal stuff and then
she wanted to head over to Barnes and Noble to see Jill. I
really didn't want to because I felt that Jill would have
contacted me if she wanted to talk to me, but we headed
over anyway. I know it sounds bad but I was hoping that
she wasn't working. But she was. She hugged Christine and
I kinda just stood there and then she gave me a hug. It
was really awkward...We tried to talk about everything but
the issues at hand. Plus she didn't know about Christine's
engagement so that was exciting. So we talked to her for a
few minutes, told her she should come hang out and then
left to look at some bridal books and magazines before
heading off. I was kinda weirded out by the whole thing
since it didn't seem like she wanted to see me at all but I
had gone for Christine.

Oh, then on Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth pulled! It was
not fun!! The procedure itself wasn't painful but the
aftermath was ridiculous! I slept all of Tuesday! I took
Wednesday and Thursday off, but by Wednesday night I was
doing much better.
Nimra came to see me on Thursday and brought me a big vase
of flowers so that was really sweet. I talked to Cath and
Christine and them on Tuesday and Wednesday..then I found
out that we were shopping for Bridesmaid dresses on
Thursday, so I definitely wanted to muster up the energy
for that. So that was kinda weird cuz Cath wasn't around,
so Jill was going to drive over to my place, Christine was
going to get dropped off by her mom and then Jill was going
to drive us all to David's Bridal. Jill showed up first so
that was kinda weird cuz I didn't know what to talk to her
about, you know? But Christine showed up like 2 minutes
later. So we looked at her magazine for a few minutes and
then headed off....
Being there was just soo much fun...we met up with Maria,
who's going to be the Maid of Honor. We tried on so many
dresses and were totally just girls being silly and trying
on so many colors and clothes...Finally, 2 hours later, we
picked out the dresses and headed off...I planned to see
Christine Friday and then her and Maria headed off, leaving
Jill to drive me home!
The drive was kinda first we were just like "oh
yeah so that was fun, blah blah" and then finally I
said "so how have you been???" and she started to talk
about things and then we were basically at my house already
and she didn't want to come in. She said she'd call me on
Saturday after her therapy so I said already and headed off.

Friday I stopped off at Christine's after work to see her
wedding gown, hung out for a lil while and then headed
home. Saturday was a totally disappointing day...I went
shopping and came back empty handed; Jeff was out all day;
and of course Jill never called. Not that I was surprised,
but then she made matters worse by emailing my phone and
saying "i'm not ready to hang out, i'll be in touch soon"
so that made me feel like crap and I was just annoyed for
the rest of the night.

But then I was totally looking forward to Sunday...that was
Jeff's holiday party at work....I got up early and got
ready [plus I had permission to stay the night, so that was
even better] ...I wore my new dress of course and the black
sweater over it and headed off...Just driving down the
parkway...when I got pulled over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a freaking heart attack!!! I was so nervous and
frazzled...He asked me if I knew why he pulled me
over...apparently I was going 80 when I passed him up!!!
So he asked for all the information and then told me to sit
tight. This guy was actually nice and I told him how I was
meeting my boyfriend to catch a train to go into the city
and stuff ... he spent like 15 minutes in his car and I was
having a mild heart attack!!! Finally he came back and
issued me a written warning "reminding me that the speed
limit is 55". I thanked him and headed off. Jeff called a
few minutes later and I told him my ordeal and met up with
him a little later at his office.
God it was SO cold outside. We went to grab him something
to eat and then walked to the train station, which was like
only 2 blocks away but still it was so freezing! We waited
for the train and we were pretty excited about the whole
thing. We chatted on the train and got into the city
pretty early so we decided to walk to Broadway instead of
taking a cab--but we got me gloves from K-mart first, haha.
The walk was freezing! It would have been so much more fun
if the weather was nicer. We finally got to the theater
and he asked if I wanted to go sit down or walk around more
as if the answer wasn't obvious!!! So we were a half hour
early but we got to see some of his co-workers and stuff
and that was cool. It was good meeting everyone. The play
was hysterical!!! We saw "Urinetown"...which I know sounds
weird but it was the funniest thing I've ever seen! I
highly recommend it!
Afterwards we walked to Abigails on Broadway for dinner.
That was cool, there was an open bar, lots of food and
mingling. The main course and the dessert was delicious
and everyone had a good time.
After people started leaving, Jeff and I got up to leave
also, so we thought we'd catch the early train and have time to hang
out with some of his brothers...we made it to the station, but the
train was cancelled! so disappointing! So we had to kill an hour to
wait for the next one.
Finally get back to Millburn and drive home to his house. We were up
til 3 AM burning a CD for my cousin's wedding and just talking.
Monday morning I kept trying to get him to call out, but he wouldn't

I guess that's all for now, this entry's gotten long enough!
Will write again soon, take care.