Psychotic Rambles
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2002-01-15 18:32:12 (UTC)

a thought ...

i was just flipping through peoples diarys, and i just read
something that completely touched me in so many ways. this
girl said things that were so true.

if no one notices why in the fuck should you be a better

that made me realize some of my own things.

if you lose hope you lose everything.
as long as i can laugh i know i can survive.
if i can make others laugh i have a gift
as long as i can stand up and shout to the world I love you!
i still have will to live, no matter how much i'm lying
to make it right
to be better for myself. not because someone
else thinks i should.
as long as i can look myself in the eyes and say
hey, thats who you are. no one can change that
i know everything is right in the world.

you know what. just go out and do it
all that can really happen is a scratch on your pride.
people tell you what you do wrong
you hear them
you know it may be true
but you dont listen
you see them yelling but youre blind to them

i really hate being cliche. i hate doing and being what
everyone else is.
who would blame me? you laugh because i'm different, i
laugh cause you're all the same! i heard that in so many
places and i still think its the truest thing. i dont think
you should cry cause its over, you should smile because it
happened. the world is what you think it is. i think the
world is somewhere where i can hear my laughter and the
other peoples laughter and know that its something
irreplaceble in my heart and my heart is warm with every
giggle and if i provoked that giggle then i am the happiest
person in the world.

i like being in my room and turning on the stereo so loud
my floors vibrate and i just YELL the words to songs and i
jump around and let all that energy out! then i fall onto
my bed totally exhausted and smile to myself just because i
like smiling.

the only time you really have to yourself is right before
you go to sleep. if you pick out the good parts of your day
you feel good right before you sleep, and if its only that
song you heard on the radio after school (after, that makes
me feel good right there ;) then you sleep happily and you
automatically wake up in a better mood. roll over a couple
of times stretch, grin, complain a bit and then go out and
do what you have to do.

if i hear someone talking about me i'll do it because i've
discovered that people hate truth. like if someone said
tommorrow, whoa look at her clothes, they are SO bright! i
would go out and buy myself a pair of neon orange sneakers
and wear them! thats me. thats what i do, thats who i am.
fuck it, who really gives a damn?

well i hope i cheered someone up with that...prolly not,
but hey. cant say i didnt try.

Insightful Skater Girl

p.s. i love to skateboard!!!!! and play Guitar!!!!