.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-01-15 18:27:29 (UTC)

no ring, no ring on the phone anymore

no reason to call, im passed out on the floor.

no im not, but my phone isnt ringing, though id like it
too, because i want to hang with dan today, he's fun and
positive and nice, and he pays for me, its not about money
though, i could easily pay for the both of us but its jsut
nice that he pays for me, like he is chivalrous or somthin,
such a sweet kid. it makes me sad that hes so mixed up in
drugs and alcohol. but definatly an adventure.

hmm, i saw the boy who reminds me of sam today, his name is
Jimmy, hes a freshman and takes german 2. after watching
him for a long time while i should have been taking my
german national exam test, i realized he doesnt look much
like sam at all, but i still like to think of him like that.

rich talked about bonde for a long time last night, i dont
know this girl, shes commign on saturday and i almost dont
want to meet her, sam and dan love her, i already cant
stand her, how rich talks abotu her, makes me sad, she hurt
and jaded him pretty fucking bad, and he cant evn hate her
now, because sam and dan and those guys would turn agaisnt
rich, what a fucked up situation, cough cough::JIM::cough
cough, whethere the simularities are there or not it just
reminds me of it, i dont think about him anymore, but
everyonce and a while i shiver at the though of his
coldness none of this matters anymore, the ego in boys
makes me wish i carried a gun.

3 exams down today, 4 left. so thats not that bad, i am
tired though, RING PHONE RING. i have like 5 and a half
hours to not be home, SO Why AM I HOME?!? oh fuck it.

we will make nice shirts and patches tommrow after school,
im looking forward to that.

anyway so i talked to rich last night for a long time, i
dont like this boy but he makes me wish more guys were like
him, he has a kitty, his name is shnaaps. he loves him. he
sleeps with him, in his bed. he kisses him too. i know
this all sounds lame and gay but seriously now, its
actually quite adorable. so how could Bonde hurt this boy,
relaly now, say its his fault, make his freind lie, and
jade him almost to the point of no return. this isnt my
business, nor is she, i dont wnat to meet her, i will be
polite but i rather just not at all, thats just how it is.