Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-01-15 17:39:24 (UTC)

I don't know what's going on...

Well, R did go to the hospital. She is already out. I knew
she was going because she had been smoking crack for 3 days
and didn't feel as though she could stop herself and her
heart was racing out of control. All of that she told me.
What she DIDN'T tell mne was that she took a lot of xanax
to try to come down.... when she got to the hospital, they
treated her for an overdose of xanax & kept her 2 nights.
She just got home.

She is claiming (AGAIN) that she is never going to use
anything again. She needs to get out of the environment she
is living in. Apparently when her brother got there to take
her to the hospital, one of her roommates said "No man,
don't take her there, they may put her in rehab!" and
then "Hey, before you guys leave to head to the hospital,
do you know where we can score some pot?"

This has to be the stupidest group of people I have ever
heard of. I wish she were still here, I could try to be an
anti-drug influence...

One interesting thing, she has a thyroid imbalance. She's
known about this for a while, but the dr in hospital said
that can affect her being bi-polar. Maybe that has
something ot do with it... Although that obviously didn't
make her go out on a crack spree.

I am more than a little nerved out by all of that and then
I get to work and hear the threatening litany again...
After the layoff's/after the demotes/with all of the
company problems... I get the feeling that everyone is
being warned "You'd better work your ass off or it could be
you next time..." and it just makes the work environment
more uncomfortable. My group works really REALLY well as a
team and this is making us be competitive towards one
another. And our sups an ass. And is REALLY being an ASS.
He sees scaring us this way on a daily basis as a way of
flexing his power and even laughs while he does it... He
knows he is freaking all of us out. He is a punk...

I'm not bitter though :)

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