The life of a hellraiser
2002-01-15 17:16:53 (UTC)

Why the hell is it that...

Everytime I'm out sick for one day I end up going back to
school only to have a bad day because of a few idiots. It
all started 2nd period. I couldn't go to the library for
study hall because it was closed, so I had to sit in the
cafeteria for one whole period. I went up to the main
office to hand in my doctor's note that I had received the
other day because I forgot to hand it in to my homeroom
teacher. As I was on my way, I passed Vinny Bowe in the
hallway. I decided to be nice and I said hi to him, did he
say hi back? Hell no!!!! As he kept on walking, I just
called him a jerk. How dare that finocchio just pass me by
without say hello back to me. He's asking for it, I don't
know how, but he will. When I return to the cafeteria,
guess who comes to pay a visit... Yep, you guessed it Vinny
Bowe. As soon as I saw him, I just rolled my eyes and
said "Great." Every time he turned his head for some stupid
reason, I hoped he would at least acknowledge the fact that
I exist and say hi to me. That stupid boccagaloot didn't
even say hi to me at all. At one point I was about to ask
him what the hell he kept stairing at. By the time the
period ended, I was surprised that I just didn't run off
school grounds and head home. But then again, I'm not a
pathetic little wimp unlike most people in my school are.

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