Excess Mental Energy
2002-01-15 16:45:43 (UTC)

Thinking, I guess.

I can hear my mother now: "Thinking? Don't hurt yourself,
So... given some recent stuff that has happened, i am now
painfully aware of a specific personality flaw that i had
succeeded in numbing myself to through a variety of
methods - denial, simple ignorance, misplacement of blame,
treatment of symptoms without acknowledging the underlying
cause, etc. I wish I could discuss the specifics of said
stuff, but that's the nature of the problem - specifics.
Keep in mind that this is merely a preliminary outline of
the situation based on thoughts I had in between finishing
Fay Weldon's "Rhode Island Blues" and falling asleep last
night. (first time in ages that i've blown through an
entire book in one day) It is in no way a full explication,
nor is it a move to remedy any other situations that are
either directly or tangentially related to this issue.

OK. Moving on. I must say that I love having friends who
know stuff about computers - big public thanks to Jon for
explaining what all those weird numbers mean in laptop
specifications. I am that much closer to acquiring my own
computer because of you. :)

I'm cool with the US chat night, but my computer
availability is going to be streaky until I acquire the
aforementioned computer. We'll have to keep the options
open on that one. I do agree, however, that Sundays are
bad, because Sunday nights are times devoted to frantically
doing things you forgot you had to do.

ByeByeBye!!! ~BeckBeck