Sporty Tomboy

2002-01-15 16:23:08 (UTC)


HEY! DUDERS GUESS WUT! first off, my schedule next semester
rox... me gots pshychology with GENERAL :)! YES! and we can
go to the Y again after skool dood that so rox! I wuvs ya
general! i've missed you! we have no classes this year...
and gym just isn't the same without you. *hugs* i wuv ya
lotza beb! and patti and alicia i love you guys! the
mornings rule upstairs.. haha. Patti I am so deeply sorry
you had to face that horrific experience with alicia's mans
CALCULATOR... in his POCKET! THE HORROR! haha well i love
you guys you rock. i love this doubleage of shirts. im warm
today cuz im wearing two shirts. SCOREFEST 2002... hence
the title. Thanx jorge for the SWEET word. love ya bro!
emma your background looks very kewl. yes im in programming
now and its sweet fun. my webpage is done and i present
thursday. okay not too shabby. where'd that word come from?
oh well. well i havent written in this diary for like 10
days or sumthin so i decided it was time for me to COME
again haha. well to all my peoples... you know who you are
and i love you. oh yeah, and green RULES! ha. ha. Dru, I
love you with every definition of the word, and so much
more and I'll love you forever til the end of time *mwuah*

HUGGIES to everyone I love!

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeee

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