Figments of my Imagination
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2002-01-15 14:17:05 (UTC)

Hey guys.

well i'm in school right now, sadly to say... and i'm bored
because the bell hasn't rung yet. I don't know about
today... it seems rather iffy. I didn't get any of my
homework done last night so I'm realy unsure about how
things will be. I suppose I got an almost decent sleep
last night so perhaps I'll be less pissy. these days it
feels like I come home completely exhausted. Trust me,
when you exhausted homework is the last thing you wanna
do. so perhaps I should do my homework in class. that
would be smart. I write my own tips for self improvement,
but can't even execute them. I'm a sad fellow. Oh well, I
also got a live journal page up.
see yous lata

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