Things to keep secret
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2001-04-15 17:48:04 (UTC)

Today is Easter

It is a happy day, woke up to my hubby and son talking
about pull ups and son brings him a pair of jeans. Then we
all got up and dressed our 3 kids, and came downstairs ate
breakfast and then dyed eggs for them 10 eggs and each of
us had 2 to dye. Then I let them color after a lil' easter
egg hunt we didnt get too much candy my grandma bought them
some and that was it. Holidays now a day are not what they
are supposed Easter, Christmas, and if you are into church
the Halloween is a wicked day. Anyway I play spades alot in
this house on excite and that is my favorite past time. We
are having a good dinner, or at least I think so, A roasted
chicken, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, buttered noodles,
raga muffins,cabbage, and biscuits Well I will write later
I have told my mom that I am having a diary online and hope
that she gets one. I like this I just changed it to
public.I will be back tomorrow. Not to many problems to
talk about when hubby is home, I am watching Sponge Bob
Square Pants..