DayDream Believer
2002-01-15 10:08:46 (UTC)

Im gonna be butiful, part three

Why arn`nt my fucing diet working??
Im supose to lose weight now, I work out , doent eat musch
but still Im not losing weight.

Okim here`s ther story:
Sunday I got a feedback from a person who said something
verry inportnat about Chris to me.
Thank you, you were right.
In the beginning I was thinking, hey, what do you know
about my life and Chris. Well, it turned out this person
knows a lot.
I diddnt wanted to realise it, but later on that day when I
talekd to Chris a light came up inside my head, she was
right. So now I dont have to worry about Chris anyome,

Well, as I told you I diddnt think S* would be back at
the chatroom for a while. I mean you dont say have a nice
life to someobe you`re gonna see angen in about two houes
do you?
Aparantly he does, he was back the verry next day.
I was stil upset by him beeing sp mean to me Satturday so I
diddnt start a converstion with him. And he wassnt there,
he was just loged on.
The nice boy who gave me his computer, Tim came earlyer
than expected back and started to work before my shift was
over. He was so sweet, he was working so I could chat on
his computer in my work time and his time off:-)
So I guess there are stil some good boys in this world, but
ofcouse he`s got a girl friend, to bad girls!

He wanted to show me something and put a lot of smily`s in
the same chanel that me and Stian where in. I was kicked
out of there by an auto kick, but got back in at once.
Tim was amaced that I was posible to get kicked out just
because of some smily`s and laught. And this was the nicest
chanel Im in, the other once has much harder rules. I was
okey with the kicking, I got back in.
But then Stian came and talked to me. What are you doing he
said? He`s not used to that I do stuff like that, putt a
100 smilys afther each other in a line in a dead chanel
where no one talk.
I told him that it was this boy at work`s foult. And I was
about to cange computer so Tim could get his own back, my
shift was over and I could just go home. But I was thinking
about staying for a while, just talking to S*. Afther
all, its not everyday he starts a conversation with me,
usally its me who comes to him.
But then I thought its probobly just gonna end up with
nothing and I`ll have to stay here like forever for my next
buss home. So therefor I runned to the buss instead.
But I told S* that I was just gonna find me a nother
computer so I guess he was waiting for me to come back,
hehe. So Im a bit bad to:-)

On my way to the buss I decided that I would not go
straight back to the chat when I got home, but wait til at
leat Wednesday. I have a big test then, so I`ll bettet put
my focus on that insead.

So Im probobly over what ever that thing was with Chris, a
And Im gonna decide what to do about S* this weekend.


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