Allen Tang
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2002-01-15 08:18:26 (UTC)

Quinn 1/14/02

Okay..this entry is about my friend (or potential) Quinn....
If I didnt have her in my life I dont know what I would
do....so I meet Quinn on the internet...yes...of all the
places the internet...Id never thought I would get that
close to someone off the net...the thing is..that we havent
even met...freaking weird if you ask me..but we talk

The sad thing about this friendship is that we are running
out of things to talk about..sadly this is the problem I
posses...if the girl isnt into sports..then I lost
conversation topics very quickly....I guess I only have so
many 4-5 hr conversations in me before my material gets
dry...I think its pretty apparent though that we are
interested in each other....which is weird..my shallow side
has no like say in this at all..its based purely on
personality...the beauty of it all..she is an OC girl..who
is gonna move up to the bay area..or at least is
aggressively pursuing a move. Am I a factor in this
equation? I certainly hope so...but I Dont know...we just
had an awkward kind of conversation....we talked about the
differences between talking to someone on the phone and
meeting them...since I am considered a virgin in this
aspect of meeting new people....I had to give way to her
experience...I Think she is quite timid in meeting me. She
keeps on asking me what if she weighed 200lbs...shiet..I
dunno..we can still be friends? Hahaa..I'm not into big
women..my shallow side would kick in right away..no doubt
about it...

She is really cool tho..she is trying to make me appreciate
the things I have in life...many have tried..many have
failed...hahaha...sad isnt it?

So today I also found out that I may pursue litigation
against a company called Muscle Tech....otherwise known as
the producer of the fatal drug Hydroxi-Cut....
Some big shot lawyer from San Diego wants to talk to me
about litigation..Im gonna fax over the papers to him
tommorow..and see what he has to say.

I think Tony finally nabbed his dream girl..after calling
me like 20 times...geez...outta control man..that guy gets
everything...strangely..sometimes I wish I lived his life...

So what do I do about Quinn..I mean I like her..but I cant
really like like her...ya know? And I cant really tell her
that....but..I let her know of my interest..like..it would
make me really happy if she moved up here...etc etc...
but then she told me something disturbing..like...this is
the last time she talks to someone from the net..I mean..I
guess thats good..but fuck...did I do something wrong?

Anyhow....basic summary
1) Like a girl Ive never met
2) Have Heart disease
A) No Sports
B) No Drinking
3) Doing job Im bored with

summary - Fuck my life is pathetic......

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