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2002-01-15 07:48:54 (UTC)

fuck it

this shit is really pissing me off. finally i meet someone
cool but for me to be with her is illegal. thats fucking
greener grass on the other side for you. why the hell
doesnt anything work for me? how come i was never given
the fucking manual. nobody wants me to be happy i guess.
and all ive tried to do is be nice to people and i just get
shit upon. im fucking sick and tired of this shit. i wish
that i had a gun cause life fucking sucks. i dont believe
that bullshit about how life is a fucking gift cause gifts
are supposed to bring happiness. maybe its cause im a
reject. maybe im part of the problem and i need to be
solved. welp go ahead. if im such a fuck up and i dont
appreciate "everything that has been done for me" then
paint me red and stick a ruler up my ass. fuck you. fuck
everybody. fuck this. fuck that. fuck fuck fuckity fuck
fuck! aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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