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~*Stumbling Through Life*~
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2001-04-15 16:38:59 (UTC)


Life is just there right now. Dont you hate that? If life
is GREAT you can jump around and be all excited and happy.
And if life sucks, you can mope around and bitch about
everything. But when its just 'there,' theres nothing to
really say. Life is okay. Not great, not sucky-just okay.
Today is easter. I took Dana hunting for Easter eggs, but
every time she'd find one, shed try to eat it. When we
found the one that I wrote her name on, I cracked it open
and let her eat it. She swallowed it whole, isnt that
amazing? I think she thinks shes a snake. And before you
all send me letters complaining about how I abuse my little
sister, calm down, Dana's my dog. Shes a pitt bull, but
shes really sweet. Anywayz, last night we dyed the eggs,
but we mixed the dyes wierd, and three of them turned like
a poop green, or a barf yellow. My egg was pink and said
Lily in cursive. Danas was barf yellow with a paw print
beside her name. I dont think she minded much. Then, Dad
wrote SEX on one egg, and drew...well I'd rather not say,
but we''ll just call it a gay pac man, on the other. Why
couldnt I get normal parents? Anyway, so that was just my
typical easter (YA RIGHT) and I hope everybody elses was as
good. Luv, Lily (^^)