Dark past-TIME
2002-01-15 06:16:01 (UTC)


i walk over to the couch after he starts to tease me bye
takeing his fingers and pushing them up on my clit the way
i like it teaseing me and i say to him "dont tease me" he
gets up and starts to walk away from me then he comes back
over and says "i am not teasing you see" as i am starting
to get back up he says to me "see bend over" so i do he
takes my pants off and we do it doggy style it went so fast
i was sad he was really horny i guess and couldnt take much
for him to cum i dont know i was just like damn...
then a couple of hours later around like 7pm i am sitting
in the chair next to him playing Monkeyball he stoped
playing with me cus i got mad at him and wasnt talking to
him well i did really good he was acting like an ass hole
and even tho i know that he was jokeing it was just too too
much smart ass of him for me to smile off so i got mad and
wouldnt talk to him at all...it drove him nuts he was on
the computer next to me saying all kinds of things looking
at me trying to kiss me and all but i did nothing i turned
the other way he hated it. even tho i wanted to cry cus i
feel bad when i am touph on him but i didnt cry (i am very
happy with myself) after a while he leaned over from the
computer to me and got right up in my face and kissed me on
my cheak then i told him he was being a jerk and looked at
him so then he looked back at me and came over to me in
front of me with me still sitting in the chair he was
standing up and put my legs up on him so then i let him and
he started to pump me like we were having sex i liked it :-)
He then says to me "lets go to the couch or the bedroom" we get up
and go into the bedroom as he gets in there i push him on the bed and
jump on top of him. we start to kiss and he takes of my underwear
starting to move closer to my privet i am thinking hes just going to
tease me a little like always with his fingers , BUT!! no he didnt do
that she started to eat me out i was like what the hell damn hes good
yahoo he is eating me out damn this feels so so damn good keep going
babe i didnt want him to stop it felt so good we did a 69.

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