The world of allykins
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2002-01-15 05:28:26 (UTC)


Okay i think you get the point that im a girl and in need
of a diary. Im just like in other girl bazar in her own may
okay okay maybe im a little stranger than others big deal.
Im 15 years old i go to snohmish freshman campas even
though i live in marysville i have plenty of friends in
snohmish and marysville. First there is Skyla shes a wiccan
cool religon she can do magic and dame shes good.Shes 14
and is my best friend just like me she just arrived to
snohmish only she lives there.Shes really fun and is a
skater. Shes dating i guy named dan ive only dated once
this year but i dumped him with in 3 days i guess u can say
Tim Hayhsi is extremly boring no fun at all plus he was
going to dump me for my freind aisha i know friends dont do
that but she does shes been planning on dumping him since
they have been dating for 3months but he dumped her. Then
she went after Jordan at the dance last friday even though
she was suppose to set me up with him to dance but instead
she was dancing with him. Sometimes i question her
friendship i know she sounds like such a bitch but
sometimes she is cool. Oh yeah i have two crushes right now
Ace and travis. My freinds dont approve of ace first of all
they both know him and say he is selfish but i dont think
that at all he seems nice. Then they dont approve cause hes
a prep but thats not anything big. The only time ive gotten
close enough to talk with him is either when i spent
5minutes in the copy room i didnt say a word and then on
the bus i was going to skylas and aisha and i told tim to
try and guess what was in skylas capstick and one of his
freinds took it and smudged it on the floor i found it
funny, and then i made fun of ace trying to do the little
queen wave it was so cute. Travis is in my hisory class and
is really funny and really cute infact both of them are
hott. When he came back from vacation he was tan and aisha
started chatting to me ang other people how hot he looked
even though she know i like him. My horoscopes tell me to
keep my mouth shut about my crushes. Aisha wants to go out
for the cheerleading squd and be one of those peole who get
tossed in the air u have to weight 110 she weights 145 even
though she dont look fat i weight 100 and she thinks
she'll get it. Help [email protected]

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