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2002-01-15 01:44:28 (UTC)

Flying Blue Star at Sky - not a falling star

Tonight Monday 11:00 p. m. or mean midnight summertime for
next day Tuesday 15th January 2002 I saw some falling star.
It was not like common falling star. It was blue and light.
And flought to cross a flight. And disappeared. I saw it for
less than one second. Blue instead orange or yellow and not
much descending. Not right to left but counter it. I would
make a wish but only remembered other story. When I thought
I was finished my mission. And only was waiting for God to
take me back to sky.
My friends are with some losers that they think it is better
than get nothing. I do not like this idea. May I can do
anything about it. With example of life mine is. Or mean I
will try to do not be left without a fight. Without a try.
I would ask for that ascending star to remember skies I am
still here and living. And I want myself back to make people
and all things happy again.
Tomorrow another day in lonely streets of my home town.
That star could be the falling star that at least could go
back to heaven. An Angel is happy because complete a mission
and is resting in sky. Star kissed sky.