Drama Queen
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2002-01-15 04:44:00 (UTC)

Getting Better!

Although things are better with me and my fiancee things
only seem to be getting worse with everything else... I
cant seem to find a way to make all of my friends happy
and me to be happy at the same time! Although things are
going better with my fiancee and generally well with my
friends... things arent getting any better with my family!
my brother is driving me crazy and i wish i could be
anywhere but here... my parents are driving me crazy and I
want to be anywhere but here, actually i know right were i
want to be... i want to be back in my fiancess bed laying
in his arms listening to him tell me that he loves me...
that sounds wonderful to me... but who can blame me! Oh
well going to go to bed now and pray that i can sleep

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