my so called life
2001-04-15 15:35:11 (UTC)

Sunday, not really funday.. *lol*

Sooo.. hello again, I haven't been updating this thing
very often, have I?
I'll try to write more often..
Yeah.. Sunday.. school starts Wednesday.. gaa.. nah, it'll
might be okay, actually.. I get to see my classmates
again.. The ones I haven't seen during the vacation, I
mean. I've missed some of them, actually. Crazy
When did I last write? It's been a week.. So, Monday I had
this be-good-to-myself-day. I had to go to work, but my
mother helped me so it didn't take long. Then I went to get
a tan, huh, I have to since this summer is gonna be soo
lame.. :( No travelling for me.. don't get me started about
that,I think my parents have taken my point.
When I got home, I took a bath, something I haven't done in
years. (I DO take showers!) It was great, hopefully it won't be
years till nex time.
Tuesday my mum felt guilty and gave me her creditcard so I
could go shopping.. wooha, my attitude is working :)
Went shopping with my friend Lisa, got a shirt and a top
and some underwear. Nice :) My mum said that I could get
some jeans or something soon. :)
Lucy's mother is away, so we've been there a lot lately.
Thursday we had a party, just the girls, and we got pretty
much wasted all of us. Three of the boys came later. They
laughed at us.Wonder why..
So, friday I wasn't in tip top shape, but I got better..
Me and Lucy and Silvia made tacos, mmm :)
Ben's coming home today!!! :)
He's been sending messages to our friends all week, talking
to them on the phone and stuff, but I haven't heard a word:(
Everytime someone said they'd talked with him I kinda got
upset. I know I could have sent him a message, but I didn't
want to. Anyway, yesterday my phone went beep beep beep
beep (you know the nokia-sms-sound ) and it was from Ben! I
got all happy and stuff. Then he said he had to eat now but
could I call him later? Could I?!? :) He said "I've spoken
with someone every day, but I saved the best for last" It
was just a joke, but anywayyys:)
I called him later and we talked for about 45 minutes, and
I think we're going to get together this evening. Not only
the two of us, though I'd like that :D
My brother just left, going back to uni. Will probably see
him again at the end of june, that's a while.. Good thing
Internet is invented :)