Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-01-15 04:15:01 (UTC)


Hee hee. Haven't been here for a while. "Ainulindale!"
Had to blurt it out. I was at a grocery store this
morning, and noticed a plethora of fantasy and sci-fi books
in their book section. If I had the money and the time and
the inclination, I would buy one and sit and read it
through in one sitting, just like I used to do way back
when when I had the time, the money, and the inclination.

My body (and I'd like to say my soul) is being run ragged
all over the place, because of an increase in my work
schedule. Earlier, I had to take some of the edge off due
to over excitement, and adrenaline inducing commitments. I
took the edge off by hopping into my vehicle and driving
around in a prescribed route, keeping myself as pleasant as
I could. Just be, as the saying goes. The night was black
(as always), the rain wet, and the temperature cold, but
the lights were dazzling, the radio soothing, and the road
a strange familiar companion.

Ugh, my belly is full, too full, as I filled it with food
and drink, and too much of both, and now it feels like a
lead weight--don't hit me in the gut if you could help it!

Signing off for now...

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