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2002-01-15 04:04:24 (UTC)


Sunday, November 04, 2001
OK, I’m still kind of on my ‘getting laid off’
high. I’m going down Tuesday to apply for unemployment to
see if I can’t get started on my dream of doing nothing
(OK, that’s not my dream, but I think it would be a pretty
cool dream to have). Also, after this week (I have a shit
load of papers and stuff to get done) I can get started
inking. I’m going to do it well too, no bullshit this
time. I am going to do it so well they’ll betg to have me
ink for them
Ok, chances are if I get picked up it’ll be like a
one month thing where they pay me like $200 or something.
On the Couch Party front, things are looking up.
Harris is starting to get out of his fuckin house and see
people. Later this month we’re going to see Brian in the
UP and he’s even coming over here next week. Also I
emailed Kristi. I’m not so sure she appreciated me
emailing her as much as she appreciated having someone to
talk to about her life. She always liked just talking.
I emailed her, she emailed me, I replied and that
was it. I figure if she wants to talk, she will. I don’t
want to be that friend who always tries to do something but
no one ever wants to tell me they don’t want me around. I
used to have friends like that. It always made me feel
really uncomfortable. I don’t want her to feel like that.
I guess someone could look at it like I’m being a
childish ass too. “I emailed her, now she has to do it to
me or I’m not talking to her anymore.” I can see someone
thinking that.
Hell maybe it is. I don’t think I’m as deep as
some people think I am. Lindsay thinks I think about all
of this deep stuff all the time. The truth is I just think
all the time and once in a great while something of value
slips in.
Kind of like my sex life.

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