Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-15 04:00:06 (UTC)

5 Minute Passing Period

Well, nothing especially good or bad happened today. I
thought I was going to cough up my lungs in History today,
with sucked. I'm losing my voice due to this throat crap,
and its hilarious to hear me try and talk. I sound like
I'm crying and I'm on the verge of sneezing, its great
fun... Hummm, I finally read the results for San Diego ;)
Vuillemin, again! But awe, my baby was second! Yeah! And
RC didn't podium! Wooohooo! I can't wait to see it on
Saturday. Oh! And Pingree a forth in the 125, its about
time :p I'm kinda disappointed in MC's status this year.
Granted he is 30, and has been 'suffering from arm pump'
which isn't confirmed. He'll always be an icon, I guess
tho... Anyway... Winter Ball is this Friday. Big Deal,
everyone is making such a big deal about it. I'm like
humm... Maybe I'll not go, and actually enjoy myself...
I can't believe N'Sync, is going to be in Episode II! That
sucks so bad! The just had to go and trash the scene they
are in! Damn them! Oh well, at least Anakin will knock
Amidala up, and then turn to the darkside, That'll at least
be interesting. I got a zero on my Algebra II test today,
not cause I was cheating, but because I got every single
one of them wrong, figures. I hate math! And Chemistry too
for that matter. Lunch today, of course sucked. Becky was
entertaining, but Mike was there, can't he find other
toothpick people to hang out with? What about that girl he
went to Homecoming who likes him? Why me?! I'm not that
interesting, or funny (he thinks I'm funny cause he doesn't
get my sarcasm)... So yeah, life isn't fair!
I got my grades today, I did better than I thought I did.
And I now have a 3.71 GPA, so that's cool... I ended up
getting 2 100% lol, and that's something that never should
happen... We start bowling next week in P.E. Thank God!
That mean's I'll only have to deal with Mike for 3 days
instead of 5. That'll be a big plus.
Dad said, I could get my license in March. Because by
then, the Saturn will be fixed, and he'll have to fix the
insurance. So, yeah, I still need to get a butt load of
hours in tho... Well, my Mom is yelling at me who knows
what wrong with my attitude now...