The Xdruggie Files
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2002-01-15 03:44:50 (UTC)

Depressive Monday

Get it? Any way. long day . tired of working already.
pangs of my identity crisis are looming again. don't
want to be in MS. can't believe i lost my apartment and
job. i think this is bothering me again 'casue i have
been talking to friends in TX. Heard my x is in Houston
going to law school and writing a book! i dunno how i
feel about that..i want to feel happy for him, but it just
pisses me off. why do all of my x's want to write books
after we break up? anyway ranted in group tonight
about meth showing up on a drug
screening...apparently SOBE will be processed as an
amphetamine. note to self no more energy drinks. so i
am okay with that 'casue it wasn't a relapse on my part.
I have two huge resentments going on at group though
that i need to work out. This new Dr. guy just grates on
my nerves everytime he talks (which is often). and the
counselor larry...HUGE resentment....i think i have
noted that he said in the past that unless you believe
the AA big book 100% you will relapse...well tonight he
said that people with blue hair (mine is jsut bleached
today) will relapse too or something to that
effect....jesus the mentality of the people in this f*ckin'


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