Bonnie Blue Dreams
2002-01-15 03:44:10 (UTC)

Starting A Tradition

I'm really excited about the Independent Drumline, we just
learned about 8 sets with the music and we're awesome. I
love it, it's a big challenge for me to meet about 20 new
people and start playing with them, it's hard to click with
new people. But we're actually pulling it off...this is
going to be a great year. My bottom bass is a freak, I
really bond with the top bass, him and I are a lot
alike...we are at the same level of playing and we have a
lot in common. We have a new tenor player named Jay, he
looks kinda creepy but he's just like me in the way I rush
to where I need to be to learn more stuff...he seems
excited about it too, I think everyone is. This is our
first year and we plan on going on with it for the next few
years, I can do it for about 6 more years. One of the guys
on snare is also scary like the bottom bass...I think they
do drugs, they're kinda stupid but good players...they went
to the same high school so they're friends. The bass dude
is a jerk so I dont really talk to him. The guy infront of
the jerk is nice, he calls me Miss Donna...which is kinda
weird, he walks up to me and says, "so how are you today
Miss. Donna?" I thought it was funny.

This Saturday we have a contest for the high school
drumline, it's going to be scary. I'm not going to stress
about it, it's not really that big of a deal...thats how I
differ from our ex section leader...I believe that the
world will go on even if we do screw up. My little cousin
is going to be 1 years old that day too so I have to hurry
over to her house to see her. I have 2 cousins, one that's
18 and one thats 1...hehee, how exciting.

Landis got a job the other day, his little uniform is
cute...I laugh at him. We're buying fish together, I'm
getting a female betta and he's getting a male. Mine is
going to be called Dixie and his is Fin. We bought a tank
that has a seperater in the middle so they wont kill each
other. We went to a pet shop today and we pet the kitties,
puppies, and talked to the Parrot. They didnt have fish so
we're going to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get them cause they
come in with a new shipment every Tuesday but the pet shop
is on Wednesday so there ya go.

Now I must go cause Landis is about to call me...:)