Laura's Life
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2002-01-15 03:38:05 (UTC)

look at me

I am bored....i guess i could be reading othello right now
or doing something else useful.
I think I pissed marcus off..b/c i asked him if he was for
real and then i asked him if he knew my last name and he
didn't. To me..that kinda proved that he wasn't as
interested as i thought..but then he got mad b/c i said
that...he started yelling/typing and i told him i was sorry
but he kept on so i started yelling/typing back. then he
said he was sorry and blamed it on his temper. I don't know
if i can deal w/a guy who is as hot tempered as i am. I am
thinking there will be lots of fights. But i am still
attracted to him..i guess it's because he's different and
has that dangerous edge thing..i dunno..i guess that side
is kinda appealing..to finally let someone else be in
Mikey has been talking to some other chick..i don't know
exactly how close they are...it kinda bothers me..i just
wish he'd let me know what he wants to do about us.
I think it's bed time now..bye

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